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the dough shop - the place to buy frozen pizza dough
"made daily using only the finest quality ingredients"

Whether you are a small pizza shop, fine restaurant, or a large commercial kitchen, The Dough Shop’s frozen dough balls can help save you time and money, as well as increase efficiency in your kitchen.


Looking for quality and consistency?  Batch after batch, The Dough Shop’s quality control guarantees you receive the finest frozen dough ball, all-the-while giving you the consistency you need and demand for your customers.


Easy to store, easy to proof and easy to handle.  The Dough Shop’s frozen dough balls make a great pizza without all the hassles of raw dough and are convenient to use regardless of who is handling it.

Cost Effective.

Factor in the costs of ingredients, time and labor, you’ll soon discover that The Dough Shop’s frozen dough balls are no more expensive than making your own raw dough.  Also you won't have the messy clean up.  Once you start to use The Dough Shop dough balls, you may never want to go back to making your own dough again.

quality ingredients

With Dough Shop dough balls, you can be sure that you are getting a consistent product created with top quality ingredients.

We use only the finest ingredients to ensure the best performance every time you use our dough balls.

quality control

Consistent size diminishes the need for cutting or measuring and helps control food costs. We can produce dough balls from 4 to 30 ounces. Shelf life for a dough ball is up to 60 days frozen and 2-4 days refrigerated.

No equipment to buy and fewer ingredients to purchase and stock. When using our dough balls you buy only as much as you need!

quality products

Whether you operate a Restaurant, a Carry-Out/Delivery Store or a Take-N-Bake Shop, we can provide you with a dough ball that fits your specific needs.

If it's a custom dough or one of our many house recipes, you can be assured of getting a consistent, quality product each and every time!